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Ron Dankert

The Forefront of Innovation in Ann Arbor Commercial Real Estate

Ann Arbor has changed a lot over 45 years. In 1972, The Stooges were playing house shows and Ron Dankert was starting his career in real estate. Ron has been with Swisher, which turns fifty in 2018, since nearly the beginning. Over that span, he has stayed on the forefront of the Ann Arbor commercial real estate industry by engaging with the community and endless flow of business leaders drawn to Ann Arbor. Find out more.


Contact Ron at (734) 662-3517 or email at, or visit his current listings here.

Joe Palms, Agent

Balance and Compatibility with Swisher’s Joe Palms

Aikido is a martial art that balances energy and defends against attackers without injuring them. Joe’s longtime practice of aikido parallels his approach to commercial real estate, where some of the biggest challenges can be turned into the best opportunities.


Find your balance and contact Joe Palms at (734) 662-3676 or email him at, or visit his current listings here.

John Evans, Vice President/Partner

Go West and Make Your Place with Swisher’s John Evans

John Evans had a long career in manufacturing before coming to commercial real estate at Swisher. He realized that whether you’re making books or helping property owners and businesses create spaces and communities, it’s not about who you know – it’s about who you can get to know.


Get to know John Evans. Email him at or call (734) 662-3682 or visit his current listings here.

Tony Caprarese

Starting a New Tradition

As a commercial REALTOR®, Tony has continued to work with established businesses and long-time building owners as they move on to the next chapter, transitioning to a new generation of ownership or selling some or all of their properties.


Call Tony to continue your tradition, or start a new one, (734) 904-3521 or email at See his current listings here.

Bart Wise

Show Not Tell: Swisher’s Bart Wise

In the world of commercial real estate, everyone strives to build relationships. Each broker knows that long-term success is based on building trust with clients and the community.  When everyone is talking a big game about their practice, how does Bart stand apart? Find out!


Contact Bart at (734) 662-3778 or email at, or see his current listings here.

Mike Giraud, Vice President

Tech and the Townie: Mike Giraud Knows How to Take it Offline

A lot has changed in Ann Arbor over the last 32 years; Mike Giraud hasn’t. Mike brings together Swisher’s modern marketing and powerhouse databases with his business network and deep ties to the Ann Arbor community. Find out more and get to know the town.


Contact Mike at or (734) 662-3617, or see his current listings here.

Charlie Koenn, Associate Broker/Partner

Great Projects are Made From Active Relationships: Charlie Koenn

Anyone can say that relationships are good business; Charlie cultivates communication with and amongst people, understanding that nurturing that connection is important to every facet of a project and the longevity of their real estate success. How will your relationship with Charlie create something amazing? Find out.


Contact Charlie at or (734) 926-0230, or see his current listings here.

Mike Jurgenson, CCIM, Associate Broker/Partner

The Importance of Investment: Mike Jurgenson

Mike, CCIM, has spent the better part of 40 years “investing in investment.” How has Mike’s pursuit of commercial real estate investment paid off for his clients? Find out here.


Contact Mike at or (734) 222-7522 or see his current listings here.

Randy Maas

The Right Space Makes All the Difference: Randy Maas

Randy’s 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate make him the ideal tenant rep. He puts the right people together with the right property.


Contact Randy about leasing space in Ann Arbor’s Southside or Downtown at or (734) 222-7525 or visit his listings page.

Jeff Evens

Finding a Career and a Place to Call Home: Jeff Evans of Swisher

When Jeff and his wife moved back to Ann Arbor, he didn't know what to expect. Lucky for Jeff, the Ann Arbor area ended up exceeding all of his expectations.


Interested in commercial space in Dexter, Chelsea or the west side of Ann Arbor? Contact Jeff at (734) 926-0222, or see his listings page.

Dave Hamilton

The Benefit of Experience

Swisher's Dave Hamilton, CCIM, shares his insights on Ypsilanti, education, and putting in your time.

Check out Dave's insights or contact him at or (734) 662-3745.