“Joe Palms has become a good friend of ours and our business. Joe helped us in trying to get a new location for our business and he was very professional. We always had access to Joe…always punctual, honest and knowledgeable throughout the procedure.”

Roberto Melendez

“Working with Randy is great!”

Lindsey Shaw

“Joe Palms is the best! He shared his expertise and time, helping us quickly find the space we needed!”

Laurie Psarianos

“Joe Palms has an absolute command of knowledge of his properties and the area he works in. Joe readily identified his area of expertise and indicated that if we wanted to look elsewhere, he would help us find an appropriate individual to assist us. He intimately knew over 20 locations as if he was describing his own home. We were very comforted with his knowledge and expertise, and never felt he was over his head or oversold his capacities.”

Henry D Boutros

“I have worked with Joe Palms for over two years now and he is absolutely the most honest, attentive, and friendly person that you’ll ever meet. He has been both our broker and our property manager for several commercial spaces and he brings a level of integrity to the real estate business that demonstrates a deep respect for everyone involved. If you get the chance, work with Joe!”

Patton Doyle

“We were very pleased with Tony and appreciated his attention to our property to get it sold. He also was great at keeping us in the loop. Thanks for a job well done.”


“Randy was accessible and responsive, He was very helpful during the period of signing contract wherein some complications arose. I would gladly refer to him in the future. If I ever planned to own another commercial property, I would use him.”


“Dave Hamilton and crew are extremely professional and helpful. They were very knowledgeable on corporate properties questions. They give a large corporate advantages with a small town courtesy feeling. Thanks for the help on selling our old building and purchasing the new one!”

Rebecca Laugeman

“We have listings with Charlie Koenn and find him very professional. He answers all of our question, he’s readily available and returns all of our calls quickly. We wouldn’t move on any real estate without speaking with Charlie first.”

Holly Alexander

“Joe went the extra 500 miles for me. If it was not for him, I would have given up months ago. You are lucky to have an agent like Joe and I would give him my highest recommendation.”

Karl Scott