When I list my property with a commercial real estate brokerage firm, what sort of marketing services can I expect?

In addition to the actual commercial real estate brokerage, showing and negotiating services; your Commercial Real Estate (CRE) broker will provide marketing services for your lease or sale listing. The variety of services and market range varies from company to company. Because visibility and marketability separate your property from the rest on the market, it is wise to review your options with your broker prior to listing. While these opportunities may look different at each firm, marketing strategies should include three areas of expertise and action.

RELATIONSHIPS: Much of real estate success is based in the relationships within the business community. An audience with the active owners and landlords of the community can bring your property into the limelight. A CRE brokerage house should have relationships with local chambers, business organizations, development councils and participate in community events and networking. Relationships with municipal boards and committees provide answers to the logistical/zoning questions regarding the best location for your business. While you might think of marketing as ad sales and large signs, the value of marketing potential through relationships with clientele and investors can be more effective than any billboard.

DATABASE & MEDIA: CRE brokerage websites should, at a minimum, be designed to offer a personalized property search and a unique property listing page with customized brochures including photos, floor plans and detailed listing information. They might also include daily blog posts of property news and local market information. In addition to a firm’s own website, your property should be listed on local and international property platforms, bringing in leads from all markets.  Ask how email and internet marketing campaigns are customized to highlight your listing.

PRINT: Print marketing comes in different forms including custom signs with QR coding technology, custom brochures, and targeted snail mail campaigns if it is determined to be advantageous for the listing and the demographic.

SOCIAL MEDIA: And finally, we know how much time people spend scrolling through their social networks. Visibility on social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more) can help your listing reach many more viewers than those looking directly at CRE databases. Review the firm’s social media posts to ensure that posts are current and relevant. Their marketing team should be active and produce regular content to entice viewers to stay in touch with the company’s newest available properties.

While each CRE firm offers different services, it is imperative to understand their marketing strategies in order to be confident in the exposure and market placement of your sale or lease listing. – Swisher Commercial Marketing Team

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