Report: Ann Arbor Area has 38% of State’s Venture-backed Companies

“There are 55 active venture-backed startups in Washtenaw County, a 31 percent increase over the last six years, according to the 2020 Ann Arbor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, which was released today.”

“Ann Arbor has a history of founders who have launched successful companies and continue to invest in the region,” says Emily Heintz, founder and managing director of EntryPoint. “We’ve seen this with Arbor Networks, Duo Security, and now Censys, where founders develop groundbreaking solutions and hire talented people who then start their own ventures, creating a continuous cycle of innovation that only gets stronger as time goes on. As tough as these times may be, the region is resilient because of a well-established foundation of talent, research, capital, and community, making it one of the main hubs of startup growth in the Midwest.”

Read Detroit Business Journal’s Article Here

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