How does Dexter, Michigan, and other similar sized boutique communities, accomplish the small town feel while serving the larger City of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County area?

While boutique communities might look small on the map, their collective businesses, downtown hubs and location within the larger region offers stable and successful opportunities for both resident and out-of-town business owners alike. As a company contemplating a commercial real estate property in the Dexter area, here are some advantages to consider:

 · Lower rental rates and flexible lease terms are available. This is in comparison to larger nearby cities such as Ann Arbor and Brighton.

· Free parking is the norm. Many commercial locations have their own at-your-door parking. Municipal lots and street parking is free in the downtown district.

· Easy access to highways (I-94, US-23, M-14) offers convenient mobility between Ann Arbor, Brighton, Chelsea and Jackson. Both company employees and clients benefit from the location.

· Landlords are often local business leaders who manage smaller portfolios creating a more approachable and personalized tenant experience. Direct landlord-tenant communication and expedient maintenance provide for a less time consuming experience than working with non-local landlords.

· Dexter offers similar downtown amenities to those of neighboring metro downtowns but at a lower cost to consumers. Small town restaurants, shopping, services, and entertainment can be more economical; this serves the local community and attracts clients from all across Washtenaw County.

· Dexter is surrounded by beautiful natural areas, farm land and a variety of parks, water features, and recreational opportunities.

· The Dexter community enjoys downtown festivals and events, offering the chance to get to know your neighbor and network.

· For business owners who choose to live in the same community as they work, Dexter offers highly rated schools, family orientated neighborhoods and rural living while still being only 15 minutes away from Ann Arbor. Dexter also includes an active arts and athletics scene for youth and adults alike.

Jeff Evans, Associate Broker


To view available properties in Dexter, visit Swisher Commercial’s property search page HERE.

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