When preparing to list my property for sale, what information will my listing broker ask for?

There is certainly not one answer to this question.  Every broker, property owner and property are unique and offer different outlooks, amenities and challenges. However, thoroughly understanding the physical property is paramount to the marketing of a property in your community. Your commercial real estate broker will need to know the strengths / weaknesses of each represented listing or parcel. Providing site history, property data (i.e. building height, HVAC type, number of elevators, etc.), utility information, floor or site plans, and tenant history will shape the product that your broker can market. To complete the marketability of a sale property, your broker can provide information on zoning, area specific comps, and knowledge of property attributes that are attractive to the current market.

It is also important for the broker to understand the priorities and motivation of the seller in order to position each property to best align with those priorities. Bring your business goals, your motivations for selling and all property information / history to the table so your commercial real estate broker can market your property to its greatest potential! – Mike Giraud, Associate Broker

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