Balance and Compatibility – Swisher’s Joe Palms

Aikido is a martial art that balances energy and defends against attackers without injuring them. Joe’s longtime practice of aikido parallels his approach to commercial real estate, where some of the biggest challenges can be turned into the best opportunities.

Specifically, Joe has been a champion of green building development and practices. This presents a challenge; regulations, recommendations and business pressures are often seemingly at odds. Where some see a roadblock to success, Joe looks for ways to use sustainability as an advantage in a project. Joe looks for the right pair of organizations that will create a mutually beneficial deal, not just for each party, but for the community and environment as well.

Joe emphasizes the importance of education. To meet the needs of his clients, tenants and landlords, Joe helps them understand the details behind his recommendations. In some cases, businesses have discovered through Joe’s process that a completely different type of space would better serve them. Joe lives out his commitment to education and a lifestyle of learning; he’ll earn his CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) later this year.

From taking food trucks to a brick and mortar presence, to managing main street properties, Joe brings balance, education and compatibility to his clients and the community. This all comes together with his patience and ability to follow through until he has found the perfect property for his clients.

Contact Joe Palms at (734) 662-3676 or email at

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