Start Building Your History with Swisher’s Stephen Galgan

Stephen Galgan comes to commercial real estate knowing that the right projects will be a positive contribution to the future of the area. With a fierce interest in history, Stephen looks to the past to understand how development and trends influence how our cities and towns look today.

The younger generation of business owners and their employees are resisting sprawl and moving into city centers. The economic and environmental advantages are clear, but there are inherent challenges in placing more people in existing space. Stephen looks for opportunities to redevelop older properties to meet the needs of these clients in order to build on history instead of replacing it.

Older properties often come with their own set of challenges including local regulations or restrictions, environmental concerns and other legal issues. Stephen’s background on the legal side of commercial real estate transactions gives him a unique advantage in navigating and negotiating these more complex deals, determining responsible parties and reaching an agreement that will result in a successful deal for everyone.

Commercial real estate never functions in a bubble. Especially in the denser areas, each project or deal contributes to those that will come after. Stephen focuses on staying with clients after the deal is done to help ensure their success and lead to the success of the area and region. Stephen looks to history often to keep focused on the long view of the future.


Contact Stephen at or 734-926-0232 or visit the following local events where Stephen will be attending:

Zingerman’s Jubilee Celebration at Cornman Farms in Dexter on July 23rd

New Enterprise Forum at Ann Arbor SPARK on July 27th

Kerrytown Bookfest on September 10th


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