Starting a New Tradition–Tony Caprarese

Tony Caprarese started his 27-year relationship with the community as President and CEO of the Ypsilanti Area Chamber of Commerce. While at the chamber, Tony got to know the small business owners and vast diversity of businesses that drive economic development in Washtenaw County. He reached out to members of the community, their families, and learned of their long-term goals that stretch beyond the current generation.

As a commercial REALTOR®, Tony has continued to work with established businesses and long-time building owners as they move on to the next chapter, transitioning to a new generation of ownership or selling some or all of their properties. Transactions in which a property has been in the same hands for many years can be complicated and can present challenges. Addressing and resolving chain of title, encroachment, common wall and zoning issues is not for the faint hearted agent. And if the property has a current or past manufacturing or industrial use, there will likely be environmental conditions to be addressed. Tony keeps the client’s true goals in mind when finding the right solutions. Often a generational transaction is not only about the financial aspects but maintaining a tradition, relationship or standard that is equally as important to the client as raw numbers.

Tony brings this approach of building long-term, stable relationships with buyers and sellers of new development property as well. In the Saline area, he has helped spur economic development and job growth by listing and selling various City of Saline owned properties that are expected to result in a new Best Western Platinum Hotel, ACE Hardware Store, and ZIPPY’s Auto Wash in Sauk Trail Park.  Also, a unique new housing development called Maple Oaks is planned for the former DPW yard located at 600 N. Maple Rd.  Because of Tony’s in-depth experience with small businesses, he knows how important it is to add quality and community-targeted services to landlord owned properties. This approach is how Tony will be helping the new businesses in Saline, Ypsilanti and the surrounding communities well into the foreseeable future.

Call Tony today to continue your tradition, or start a new one, (734) 904-3521 or email at

“We were very pleased with Tony and appreciated his attention to our property to get it sold. He also was great at keeping us in the loop. Thanks for a job well done!”

“Our agent, Tony, was excellent; he went above and beyond to help me out.”

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