Show Not Tell – Swisher’s Bart Wise

In the world of commercial real estate, everyone strives to build relationships. Each broker knows that long-term success is based on building trust with clients and the community.  When everyone is talking a big game about their practice, how does Bart stand apart?

Bart knows the key is something we all learned in elementary school; you must strive to show people your skills instead of telling them.  While “show not tell” is something we learn very young, it isn’t always easy to accomplish. Bart has managed to show-not-tell in commercial real estate by nailing the small things.

He said,

“if you are faithful in the small things, people will trust you with the large things.”

This is why Bart is celebrating a 25-year relationship with a client that has grown from one spec building to five. He began the relationship without a contract, simply bringing good tenants in to fill their first building. He showed hard work and attention to the process. As they built more buildings, Bart was asked to represent the buildings and does to this day.

Toolbox of Solutions

Over the course of long relationships in real estate there are always challenges. The economy will always have ups and downs, vacancy rates fluctuate, tenant needs change. Bart navigates these issues with creative problem solving. He has built a toolbox of solutions over his 30+ years of experience. These tools become the details that Bart brings to show clients continued success and loyalty over the years. Bart spends time with each client, prior to any offers being made, to ensure they are fully prepared. By walking through the tools available in every deal, clients proceed with confidence that they have maximized the opportunity.

While there will always be big shots in the commercial real estate game, Bart will be confidently growing with his clients by meticulously executing each important step along the way.

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