Tech and the Townie: Mike Giraud Knows How to Take it Offline

A lot has changed in Ann Arbor over the last 32 years; Mike Giraud hasn’t. In the age of text messaging and social media, he still does business face-to-face and knows that a handshake matters. Mike brings together Swisher Commercial’s modern marketing and powerhouse databases with his business network and deep ties to the Ann Arbor community.

Ones and zeros can only go so far. This is especially true in the Tetris game that is Ann Arbor office and retail space. With such limited availability, Mike doesn’t stop at checking the databases and listings. He spends time on the street, whether he’s at Sonic Lunch, in line at Le Dog for his favorite soup, or calling on clients and other local business people to share the Swisher Vacancy Report and exchange other pertinent information. As a lifelong townie, he enjoys being the conduit between business people who can help each other – whether he’s involved in the deal or not.

This personal network allows Mike Giraud to usher companies through their growth over the years, whatever the market situation. Years ago, a small local company was looking for 1,500 sf of downtown office space.  Over the years, they called on Mike to assist them in their expansion as they grew to occupying multiple floors of office space. Each time they grew Mike was able to work creatively with his clients to find room and make good moves for everyone involved.  Now Mike is working on buying land so that now-not-so-small research company can build a new building of their own.

Looking Ahead

As vacancy in Downtown Ann Arbor tightens evermore, and companies continue to grow, Mike looks forward to watching where the growth happens. When he hits the pavement this summer, there will be rumors of new developments, who is moving where, what’s happening on that parking lot and what big company is coming to town. Rest assured, Mike will know if, when, and where the available space and opportunities are.

Call Mike and get to know the town. Contact him at 734.662.3617 or email at

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