Great Projects are Made From Active Relationships: Swisher’s Charlie Koenn

Great Projects are Made From Active Relationships

Charlie grew up on a farm near Chelsea and brings the ethics and understanding of the land and people to his commercial real estate practice. Anyone can say that relationships are good business; Charlie cultivates communication with and amongst people, understanding that nurturing that connection is important to every facet of a project and the longevity of their real estate success.

Network of Knowing the Right People

Charlie’s network of trust allows him to see, and offer, the full potential in the properties he represents. He can step back and view all of the opportunities available and knows the right people to make complex deals happen. This is what he enjoys the most about commercial real estate. He reaches out to land owners adjacent to a project, city managers and planning personnel, engineers, designers and utilities to solve and create.

The number of people involved in a land development project, redevelopment, land split or repurposing can be staggering. Charlie’s sincere commitment to successful communities and projects has naturally grown trusting relationships all over Washtenaw, Livingston, Ingham and Jackson counties in the public and private sectors. Charlie works with Lima Township, Chelsea and Manchester where projects need personal knowledge of the community, leadership and local resources.

Charlie’s relationships have helped him combine properties for larger projects and annex right of ways for more efficient land usage. Currently he’s working on a project that will require a city to annex the land – requiring the cooperation of multiple land owners, utilities, the township, the city, engineers, designers, planners and the community – luckily Charlie knows everyone.

How will your relationship with Charlie create something amazing?

Contact Charlie at (734) 926-0230 or email at

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