The Importance of Investment: Swisher’s Mike Jurgenson

The Importance of Investment

Mike Jurgenson, CCIM, has spent the better part of 40 years “investing in investment.” Through his career, he has discovered that the most important types of investment happen even before the first dollar is committed. He invested the time to become a Certified Commercial Investment Member. He built knowledge by working in every aspect of the commercial real estate industry. He has invested experience in development, appraisal, leasing, and market analysis and finally he has committed to clients of all sizes and grown with them.

It all Begins with Knowledge

Mike started investing in education very early. He took a real estate course at the University of Michigan and immediately committed to growing his experience doing appraisal work while still in college. He added courses in appraisal and business to build a wide foundation for his future practice. Finally, Mike put the time into becoming a CCIM in order to draw all of his education together into one, usable certification.

Time is the Most Valuable Asset

To Mike, time is the most valuable asset and should be invested thoughtfully. Having the patience to make calculated and prudent decisions is the path to success. Investing time to ensure each opportunity is not only right, but the best available, is the core of a successful investment. Mike has worked with clients who started by purchasing a small (3,000 SF) property that was just right for the specific buyer. Over the next decade together they would find opportunities to strategically and patiently acquire larger and larger properties to eventually own and manage a facility of over 100,000 SF.

Building Trust in People

Of course, even 3,000 SF is bigger than a lot of folks start out with. The third and most important piece of investing in investment is building trust in people. Mike brings a sincere desire for success to even the smallest office lease. He represents buildings with multiple, small leases and each one gets the attention and quality service that an entire building would receive. Investing in relationships at this early-stage and personal level is vital to confidently making larger deals down the road.

The epitome of a CCIM, Mike is focused on commercial real estate investment. His experience and continued efforts in every element of the industry is crucial to building the relationships, trust and knowledge necessary for success in investment.

  “I love the ability to adapt and readapt.  I love all aspects of the business and revel in the diversity of my client base and their needs.” –Mike

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