The Right Space Makes All the Difference: Swisher’s Randy Maas

Pro-active Business Sense, Clean Desk

If you’ve ever leased space on Ann Arbor’s Southside or Downtown, you’ve probably worked with Randy. If you’ve ever visited Randy at his office, you’d probably notice another distinguishing characteristic—he has the cleanest desk in history. Randy’s clean desk is emblematic of the attention to detail and organization that is key to success in this complex market.  

Randy as Your Tenant-Rep

Randy’s 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate make him the ideal tenant rep. He puts the right people together with the right property to turn the search for space into a strategic asset. He’s created strong business relationships with landlords and real estate professionals. Since joining Swisher Commercial in 2010, he saw the opportunity to broaden his services and become more tenant representative-oriented, specifically clients seeking office space.

“I have always enjoyed working in commercial real estate.  I like mentoring, leasing office space and collaborating with other agents on projects.  However, I love assuming the role of a tenant representative. I enjoy finding individuals and companies the right space to suit their needs and future business plans.” 

Teaming Up with Michael Giraud

While at Swisher, Randy often teams up with Mike Giraud. Mike and Randy know how to make the best of each other’s strengths and connections. Tag-teaming on projects means a client gets two agents dedicated to a successful deal, and double the expertise and skills. They both stay up-to-date so clients are always able to reach one of them and move forward with their deal. 

Southside Ann Arbor Expertise

Randy keeps the Southside of Ann Arbor on the top of his mind. He was working in that area during the big office/flex development phase, so he is well versed in the range of sizes and property types available. He knows where and how much for class A, B, C or flex space, and prides himself on making the puzzle pieces fit together quickly and creatively. Randy connects clients to the right fit for their business and helps landlords of the Southside keep their spaces full. 

Featured Listings

The Michigan Theater building, with its iconic character is the dream-space for many organizations. It requires thoughtful and personal representation to connect the right people in this unique space. Randy looks to place organizations in the Michigan Theater who will greatly benefit from the vibrancy of the State and Liberty area and join the long list of successful companies that have made their start in the Michigan Theater Building.

Contact Randy today about leasing space in Ann Arbor’s Southside or Downtown, or (734) 222-7525.

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