Finding a Career and a Place to Call Home: Jeff Evans of Swisher Commercial

An Unexpected Journey

When Associate Broker Jeff Evans and his wife moved back to Ann Arbor, he didn’t know what to expect.  Would he find a job? Would this community be a great fit for his family? And most importantly, would the Wolverines be any good?

Jeff originally joined Swisher as a marketing specialist. Jeff quickly found Swisher to be a tight-knit, and focused business with coworkers he could trust and learn from. He jumped into shadowing other Swisher brokers and got his agent’s license in 2009. Jeff transitioned into a full-time agent/broker and has become one of Swisher’s top selling/leasing agents.

A career in real estate was not on the top of the list for Jeff when he returned to the Ann Arbor area, but he says “the schedule is flexible and I’m able to thrive as a broker while I balance my time between work and my growing/active family. In essence, I am my own boss.” Looking for a career at Swisher? Find out more here.

Jeff’s background in communication enables him to be the center of successful, innovative deals for his clients. The most satisfying projects for Jeff involve coordinating the business relationships necessary to build new, exciting businesses. Recently he helped The Session Room turn an industrial shell building into a bustling restaurant and tap room by bringing together the right people to connect the dots.

Jeff continues to grow his career by looking at property management, investment, and development opportunities.  He sees that many of the long-term Swisher agents/brokers have done the same over the years, thereby demonstrating that “being a commercial agent is a sustainable career.”  Jeff is looking beyond the sale/leasing of properties, enabling him to be viable and fruitful, even during a down market.

Looking forward, Jeff sees development as necessary for growth. The Dexter leasing market is becoming saturated, so now is a great time for investors and developers. Downtown Dexter is looking forward to more residential development and Chelsea continues to add tenants in office and retail complexes. Knowing that he can provide for his tenants, Jeff is excited to meet the challenges of projects that need a few pieces to come together in order to move forward.

Specializing in Dexter, Chelsea and West Ann Arbor

Jeff’s personal history in the West Ann Arbor/Dexter/Chelsea area means he knows these communities well. Some of his recent successes include MC3 (Cardiopulmonary medical supply company) at 2555 Bishop Circle, Dexter, and the Session Room at 3645/3685 Jackson, Ann Arbor. A few of Jeff’s current listings include the Chelsea Clocktower Complex, 2111 Rawsonville, Belleville (Restaurant), and Monument Park Building.

Click HERE to view Jeff’s current listings.

Interested in leasing or listing commercial space with Jeff? Give him a call at 734.926.0222 or email him at

Community Involvement Through Michigan From the Heart

Jeff has been volunteering and organizing for “Michigan from the Heart” since high school. As his involvement increased, he took on the responsibility of coordinating the fundraiser golf outing that is held annually.  Specifically, he organizes the outing contest holes and volunteers who run them on the day of the outing. While in attendance, he helps welcome the participants and organizes the presentation of awards and recognitions. He enjoys being amongst a community of people who want to give back to the important mission and children that “Michigan from the Heart” supports.

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