The Benefit of Experience – Swisher Commercial’s Dave Hamilton

Swisher’s Dave Hamilton, CCIM  shares his insights on Ypsilanti, education, and putting in your time.

In his 22 years at Swisher and nearly 50 years in real estate, Dave Hamilton has learned that it’s not about buildings. Real estate is about people. Dave is active and vital in the community. From getting up early and making personal connections with his clients to being available at Swisher’s downtown Ann Arbor office, he is present in the deal from start to finish.

He invests himself locally through his support of community events and personal investment/management of apartments in downtown Ypsilanti and Airport Industrial Center.

Dave reflects, “Whether working with clients, tenants, landlords, building owners or brokers, success in any market starts with your team, your education and a sincere interest in the community.”

Ypsilanti’s Tremendous Potential

Currently Dave is encouraged about the momentum in the Ypsilanti area. Growth in Ann Arbor is starting to edge growth upwards in Ypsilanti as well. According to Dave:

“There is a resurgence in Ypsilanti, especially the Downtown and Depot Town areas. This means fewer vacant storefronts, improved quality of merchants, reduced vacancy of office and retail space, and unique residential opportunities. Upper level residential lofts are very popular with virtually no vacancy.”

Dave sees the climate improving in Ypsilanti.  The big picture is influenced not by a single “Dan Gilbert” figure, but by proactive groups such as the city, Chamber, Downtown Development Authority, Depot Town Association, and SPARK working toward a common goal.  They are creating opportunities for small businesses.  And with the improving economy, it brings better and longer term tenants.  As better tenants come in, more tenants want to come.  This decreases the vacancies, thereby increases the rents.

Dave’s interest in Ypsilanti extends beyond professional. He enjoys spending time at the restaurants of Depot Town and Downtown Ypsilanti, which offer unique experiences, and even more new people to meet and learn from.

Dave’s advice to real estate brokers is, “Education is the Key to Success!”

Dave answers a lot of challenges with the same advice, “Education is the key to success!” In addition, Dave focuses on engaging with peers and community leaders having served on boards for both professional organizations and non-profits. No matter how many years of experience he has accumulated, he welcomes new knowledge.

Putting in the Time and Effort

Dave received his CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation over twenty years ago and encourages everyone interested in succeeding in commercial real estate to put in the time and effort to become certified. Not only is Dave honored with the designation of “REALTOR Emeritus” (50 years in the real estate industry), Dave was also awarded with the Lifetime CCIM designation this year. This means that not only has he been a CCIM for many years, but he’s served on local real estate boards and contributed to the overall enhancement of commercial real estate. It requires years of work experience, education and service to the commercial industry specifically.  This all enables a broker and client to achieve their goals quicker and more efficiently.

Why Dave Should be Your Go-to Guy

Dave believes it’s more important to listen than to speak in order to discover and uncover the real needs of the client. Whether Dave is selling flex space in Ann Arbor, leasing industrial buildings in Ypsilanti or marketing development opportunities in Saline – through his decades of experience, he has developed insights that best recognize and solve challenges faced by his clients.

Find out more about what’s happening in Ypsilanti, Dave Hamilton, CCIM or contact Dave at or 734.662.3745.


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